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Home October 18, 2010

This is my first time blogging and I honestly donno how and where to start off ….For quite sometime I have been fiddling with an idea of sharing my recipes, experiences, etc through some form and yup..this platform of blogging seems to fit….So here I am !!!

First of all, I would like to thank my husband who encouraged me in starting this blog…the pictures of all the recipes as well as its presentation are his shots..Next comes my siz in the thanking list who came up with the blog name….Quite a task !!!

And ofcourse,  I got to thank my mother and mother-in-law who shared their recipes, tips and tricks with me and who made me a better cook…(hope so !!!)…to confirm this I think I should hear it from the horse’s mouth (my husband) !!!

Saran Gokul


13 Responses to “Home”

  1. Krpa Sudan Says:

    Way to go!… Nice to know to about your blog…

  2. Mangala Says:

    Long time since a ‘Did you know?’ ???

  3. Hema Says:

    Hey Saran,
    Nice collection of great recipes… 🙂 Congrats

  4. Bharathiraja C. Says:

    Nice Priya…!
    Let me validate your cooking when I come to London… 🙂

  5. Saranya GC Says:

    Yakka Pinitinga ponga!! 🙂
    Truly i dono about cooking! I’ll surely refer these recipes, tips etc., when i start it :). I know and asure these recipes are very tasteful as im tasting it now :).
    Good Step!

  6. Prasanna Says:

    Hi Saran,
    Good Going….I still remember our discussions like what to prepare for dinner etc… :)….nice to see u blogging

  7. vimala Says:

    saran, very good start, i’ll try the reciepes and pass the comments.
    my best wishes.

  8. Viji Says:

    Hey saran, Great idea and lovely website… 🙂 Good luck and keep up the good work. Will surely try ur brinjal chutney, after all I still can taste idli, ghee and this chutney that ur mom used to make 🙂 And happy to see people like Sathiya, Preetha and Kuyil still existing…:)… from ur comments book ….

  9. Kuyil Says:

    Saran, nice website! Will try few receipes and let u know :)!

    Keep blogging!

  10. Kiru Says:

    will try out one by one and pass you the comments.

  11. sathiya Says:

    oyye saran,

    Super. Nice to see you blogging.

  12. Preetha Says:

    Hi Saran, I had tried your Brinjal chutney receipe and it was awesome…everyone at home loved it. I am looking forward to trying those soup recipes too!

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